The Halloween Tree pairs history lessons with suburb writing

Although many of Ray Bradbury’s works draw on memories of his childhood in the small midwestern town of Waukegan, Illinois, The Halloween Tree was written specifically for a younger audience. This holiday classic shines with all the polish and lyricism of Bradbury’s best prose. The story follows a group of trick-or-treaters who must place themselves in the hands of a ghoulish guide and learn the history of Halloween before they can save their ill friend, Pipkin, from death.

In an insightful article for the horror website, Bloody Disgusting, Brian Keiper explores Bradbury’s artistry with language and his ability to weave information into an evocative and emotional tale that excites the senses and touches the heart. For Keiper, Bradbury’s abilityto make what is essentially a history lesson so riveting, so enchanting, and so artistic is a feat that borders on miraculous.”

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