“Ray Bradbury Understood the Narrative Power of Tattoos” by Anna Felicity Friedman

A selection from Interdisciplinary scholar Anna Felicity Friedman’s introduction to the newly released book All of Me Is Illustrated appears on Lithub. Friedman explores the power of Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man by tracing the history of tattoos, from Bradbury’s first exposure to tattoos in the sideshows of the 1930s to their popularity today. A historian and longtime collector of the form, Dr. Friedman explains tattoo’s timeless ability to express complicated narratives and striking artistic visions.

Friedmans’s complete introduction can be read in All of Me Is Illustrated, the first  book to feature Ray Bradbury’s treasured stories “The Illustrated Man” and “The Illustrated Woman” together alongside the most stunning tattooed bodies of today, available for purchase here.