Dark Worlds Quarterly celebrates Bradbury’s pulp stories in Weird Tales

Many of the stories Ray Bradbury would later collect into books or rework into novels like From the Dust Returned saw their start in the pulp magazines that served as the entry into publishing for many science fiction writers in the 1940s and 50s. G.W. Thomas, author and editor at Rage Machine Books, revisits the stories Bradbury published in Weird Tales with this article from Dark Worlds Quarterly. With twenty-five full page illustrations from artists like Fred Humiston, A. R. Tilburne, or Boris Dolgov, and links to replicas of the original editions of Weird Tales, Thomas’ piece also acts as an anthology that allows readers to enjoy early gems like “The Black Ferris,” the germ of Dark Carnival, or “The Ducker” and “The Poems,” pieces that may be new even to Bradbury fans.
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