South Pasadena Public Library illuminates stained glass tribute to Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury has long illuminated the human heart and our dreams for the future. Now South Pasadena Public Library has illuminated a stunning trio of stained and fused glass windows that will stand as a permanent tribute to the author who believed that libraries were the center of the community. The windows depicting Bradbury and scenes from some of his best loved works, like Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, and Dandelion Wine, are part of the library’s celebration of Bradbury’s centennial.

Conceived by South Pasadena glass artist Tim Carey and completed in partnership with the world renowned Judson Studios, the windows grace the Ray Bradbury Conference Room that looks out onto the majestic Morton Bay Fig “Library Tree,” a city landmark. As residents gathered beside the tree for the illumination, Library Director Cathy Billings suggested the windows would be a visible reminder of “the joy, wonder, and imagination that Bradbury embodied” and continues to share each time a patron borrows one of his books.

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