Rolling Stone promotes Fahrenheit 451 Read-A-Thon with William Shatner, Neil Gaiman, Susan Orlean and Others

Rolling Stone recommends tuning in to the Ray Bradbury Read-A-Thon on Saturday, August 22 at 4:30pm EDT to watch a diverse group of people–from Neil Gaiman, William Shatner, Marjorie Liu and Susan Orlean, to your local librarian or high school student–read the entirety of Ray Bradbury’s beloved Fahrenheit 451. Reporter Daniel Kreps notes that reading Fahrenheit 451, a story about the importance of books, is an especially appropriate way to celebrate what would have been Bradbury’s 100th birthday. Bradbury felt libraries had been a gift to him throughout his life, saying, “I’m completely library-educated. Libraries are absolutely at the center of my life.”

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