Featured Artist: Menachem Rephun

Like so many readers, Menachem Rephun discovered Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 in middle school and was hooked by the author’s vibrant imagination and poetic prose. Rephun continued to explore the Bradbury canon and “became an ardent fan.” Reading was an education in itself but he also went on to study literature and creative writing at Fairleigh Dickinson University. In Rephun’s former work as a journalist, he often focused on human stories that hit close to home—a beloved rabbi’s eulogy on bitachon and the death of a community elder, the struggles of a neighborhood foodbank. Today, in addition to his own fiction, Rephun writes about literature on his blog, Meditations in an Emergency. His recent article, “A Pleasure to Burn: Revisiting Fahrenheit 451 in an Age of Uncertainty offers his perspective on reading Bradbury during the pandemic.

To read more about Rephun and his Bradbury-inspired take on the power and immortality of words, visit our Legacy page.

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