Anthology explores Bradbury’s Elliot family stories and the supernatural

Fans of Ray Bradbury’s “Autumn People” can read more about the fantastical family of ghosts, mummies, vampires, witches–and one human boy–that the author visited and revisited for almost sixty years in a series of short stories. Those tales of the weird and wonderful, published in periodicals, included in The October Country, and eventually knit together as the 2001 novel From the Dust Returned, are the focus of Exploring the Horror of Supernatural Fiction in Ray Bradbury’s Elliott Family.

Authors and editors Miranda Corcoran and Steve Gronert Ellerhoff have selected twelve critical essays that explore the power of Bradbury’s gothic tales to capture the bittersweet adolescent experience of being different, the difficulty of balancing the desire for individuality with a longing for family and community, and the emotional and ecological costs of unchecked technology.

Hear an interview with Miranda Corcoran on Phil Nichol’s Bradbury 100 Podcast: Listen now

Discover Bradbury’s enduring contributions to the traditions of gothic and horror literature.


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