Here are a few useful links to more information about Ray Bradbury on the web. There are so many different sites with information on Ray out there, in every language it seems. These are just a few ideas to help you further explore the world of Ray Bradbury. - The website for award-winning journalist Sam Weller's biography of Ray Bradbury, The Bradbury Chronicles: The Life of Ray Bradbury. - Theater review for THEATER REVIEW Life-Affirming One-Act Plays by Redoubtable Ray Bradbury, from the L.A. Times. - Grand Theft: A short film based on the story by Ray Bradbury. The official website for the making of this film. - This is not an official website (Bradbury doesn't really get the internet!), but it is a complete fan-run site containing biographical information, bibliography, etc. - This site has lots of great biographical information on Ray, as well as wonderful photos and more. - The Ray Bradbury Theater - Intriguing Fantasies from America's premiere storyteller - Great biographical information on Ray and other writers in his class.

Ballantine Books - publisher of Fahrenheit 451 in paperback - Here's a nice filmography of Ray's work - Here you can find a few resources on study guides to Ray's work - Eos Books: The Next Chapter. Founded in 1998, Eos Books publishes the best in speculative fiction, from science fiction to fantasy, and everything in between. - Eos Books' blog, with regular guest bloggers from the sci-fi/fantasty writing community.