Ray Bradbury Articles

The quite extensive entree on Ray at Wikipedia can be found here.

Two Rays (Bradbury and Harryhausen) caught on video in Santa Monica in October, 2006.

Real estate development on the moon is discussed in a TV broadcast interview with Fox News from November 2004.

George Zebrowski interviews Ray for SYNERGY (2004).

An interviewer from bn.com poses some questions to Ray, 2003.

An interview with Ray Bradbury at Salon.com
August, 2001

Sci Fi Weekly, A review of From the Dust Returned
October 17, 2001

An interview with Ray at Booksense.com
October, 2001

The Bradbury Chronicles, from Santa Barbara Magazine
January/February 1992

Playboy Interview: Ray Bradbury 1996

Idea Man, from the San Mateo County Times
January 1997

Creating Something Memorable, from Bookselling this Week
February 1997

This Master of Sci-Fi Prefers the 'Old-Fashioned Way', from the Daily Hampshire Gazzette
December 1997

Cosmic Ray, from Book Magazine
January 1999

Ray's Faves..., from Book Magazine
January 1999

Ray Bradbury dreamed of going to Mars, from the Los Alamos Monitor
September 1999

Ray Bradbury - Following his passion to Mars, from The Town Talk of Alexandria
February 2000

At 80, Ray Bradbury still fighting the future he foresaw, from the Peoria Journal Star August 2000

Martian Tourist: Questions for Ray Bradbury, from New York Times Magazine
November 2000